cake is awesome!

Nothin' says lovin' like somethin' from the oven. Unless it's jewelry. Or a convertible. Or a crayon drawing for the fridge. But you can't eat those, so I'm sticking with cake.

I'm Barbara Barrows, and I make sweet stuff! To discuss the wondrous joy of cake (or cookies or cupcakes), please call (217-313-6679) or e-mail ( Please order at least a week in advance, so I can devote the time I need to create something truly fabulous.

I make yummy treats that look fabulous. There are dozens of delectable cake and filling flavors to choose from, and lots of icing choices as well. Your favorite tastes and colors team with handmade chocolate, fondant and gumpaste accents for one-of-a-kind creations that will be remembered long after the last piece is served.

I'll deliver anywhere in Forest City for no charge, and within a 50-mile radius for a reasonable fee. We can make arrangements for Minneapolis, Des Moines and locations in between.

Don't limit your cake consumption to birthdays and weddings! Cake adds a sweet and celebratory touch to every occasion, like baby showers, bridal showers or taking a shower. A new baby! A new house! A new car! A new pet! A new carpet! How about bon voyage, welcome home, get well soon or glad you're better? Thank someone for everything. Thank someone for anything.

A word about "character cakes": No.

More words about "character cakes": They are illegal to sell without clearing it with the copyright holder first. Yes, even if you own the special pan. Some companies, like Disney, prosecute, and no cake is worth a $10,000 fine. Using purchased copyright items like edible images or plastic figures can still look pretty cool, and it will keep me out of jail. And a kid's cake can be adorable without a trademarked character.

behold the power of sugar....

yummy goodness

Whether it’s covered in fabulous fondant or beautiful buttercream, cake is deliciously appropriate for every occasion. EVERY occasion. Seriously.